Our Union

"By coming together and forming a union, we are organizing the passion of my colleagues to facilitate a better environment for teachers and students."

Michael Show, Animation, Laguna College of Art + Design

“As an adjunct with over a decade of service to LMU, I can say that I personally have tried to interface with the university directly for a more fair, transparent and secure work environment. I have not been successful. Many of my colleagues have had similar experiences. Alone we have very little power. Together we can bring about real change.”

Therese Edwards, M.A., Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University

“Through the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, we can change the current predicament adjunct educators find themselves in.”

Carlos Brocatto, Ph.D, Philosophy at Whittier College

“Of course, we adjuncts would like things like better pay, health care, an office that is not a closet/copy room, and other benefits. But the real problem is that the quality of Whittier students’ education is compromised by the working conditions of its adjuncts.”

Megan Debin, Ph.D from UCLA, Art History at Whittier College

“I have been an SEIU member since 2005 as a registered nurse. I joined a union because I passionately believe that the right to be protected by contractual law is the right of every American. SEIU cares about its members. But the biggest plus from being in the union is realizing YOU are the union, all of you; by standing tall and working as a group to do the right things. Being a union member is good for your soul. I have never regretted it.”

Michael Kaulback, MBA, Gerontology at University of La Verne

“I teach because I believe in my ability to guide students toward realizing their professional, academic, and human potential. I want to work at a place that pays a fair wage. I also want the school to show me that they value my contributions toward making this institution one of the best in the region.”

Emir Estrada, Ph.D from USC, Sociology and Anthropology at University of La Verne

“My father, a grade school teacher, used to say that teachers were once expected to starve, and that if not for the unions, my family would have starved. Because of the teacher’s union, we were comfortable when I was growing up and my parents could afford to send me to college. However, as an adjunct in academia, I am experiencing what it would have been like for grade school teachers to be without unions. After taking out $140,000 in student loans to pay for grad school, I can neither support my family nor pay my student loans. My wife and I cannot afford to raise a child. And when my parents became ill, I was unable to afford to move them in with me or properly care for them before they died since I couldn’t afford to rent a home with an extra bedroom. And when my father had to be hospitalized and put into a nursing home, we incurred massive debts in order to maintain him there. Now that my parents have passed, I face losing the family home, all because I am living on a part-time wage. I’m ready to work. All I want to do is contribute to my field and to teach my students effectively and passionately. But I need to earn a decent wage in order to do so. Now that my parents are gone, I want to honor them by helping to change academia for the better. Let’s unionize so we can preserve the stability and sustainability of our profession.”

Arik Greenberg, Ph.D from Claremont Graduate University, Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University

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